Album Cover
Rhema Soul
Released: Mar 30, 2010
Label: Good City Music
Track Listing
1 Intro
2 Neva Lay Low
3 Fly Away
4 Champion
5 Boom Box
6 Let Me Live
7 Sky's Not the Limit ft. Eddienigma
8 Spotlight
9 Shorty's Lost ft. G-Styles
10 Why's It Gotta Be So Hard
11 Blow Your Whistle
12 My Beat Go
13 Fingerprints
14 I Hope
15 Save Me


Verified Heatseeker
The Deacons Music
...Fingerprints is one of the best albums to drop this year, if not the best so far. About eighty-five percent of the songs on this album could easily fit into rotation on any mainstream radio programming, a feat seldom accomplished by Christian Hip Hop artists. [Read More...]
Rhema Soul - Fingerprints - Review
Like a rocket bound for Mars, "Fingerprints" starts off with a BOOM. From the earliest seconds of the intro track, stretching well into the middle of the CD - Rhema Soul barrages the listener with a series of spectacular songs. [Read More...]
"Fingerprints" Album Review,
Gospel Flava
As a music genre, hip hop and rap music has had huge influence on pop culture. Catch-phrases birthed in the genre, while perhaps resisted at first, often become part of everyday conversation. The lyrical content coming from many mainstream rappers is frequently demeaning to women, with references to drugs and sex. All that to say that the refreshing sounds of Rhema Soul is so crucial. [Read More...]
"Fingerprints" Album Review,
Holy Culture
..."Their new release, “Fingerprints”, was nothing less than a huge step forward for their artistry. They did an expert job of nailing the high quality sound, while pairing it with a much deeper message. “Fingerprints” is not a theological exposition, nor did it need to be..." [Read More...]
Rhema Soul: Does the Church Owe This Pop Group an Apology? | Grow ...
The first time I heard Rhema Soul's sophomore project, I downloaded it for free, artwork and all. Don't judge me, they gave me permission. As they did to everyone else. "Dope Beats Good News" contained some of the most top quality ... [Read More...] - Rhema Soul Asking For Blind Trust?
A recent rant on Rhema Soul's Twitter account has, in fact, led to some interesting discussion on the topic of art and the mind of the consumer. What the group released was a slew of Twitter posts which gave a glimpse into an experiment being carried out. The rundown is this: Rhema Soul is releasing an album entitled Fingerprints on March 30, 2010 and has, as of a week ago, begun taking pre-orders for the highly anticipated project. There are three packages altogether. The third, aptly titled the Double Deluxe Package, includes several items as well as a mysterious graphic tee (Also, if you purchase the last package you are entered into a drawing to win a Rhema Soul custom skateboard deck). [Read More...]
REVIEW: Rhema Soul "Fingerprints"
Da South
The human fingerprint is the most uniquely identifying characteristic that the Lord created us with. Anywhere from crime scenes to banks or DMV’s, the fingerprint is used to confirm that a person is truly who they present themselves to be. Contrary to what many sci-fi films portray, no one can replicate another’s set of fingerprints (read: style). Rhema Soul is a true example of having a style all their own, as is evident on their junior release, Fingerprints. [Read More...]
Video Interview - Rhema Soul Fingerprints
Rhema Soul is about to release an amazing album "Fingerprints" March 30th 2010, get to hear what they have to say about it. Sorry it's not longer Lecrae interrupted the interview when he saw G-Styles. We'll have a full interview coming ... [Read More...]
Full Interview w/ Rhema Soul
Wade-O Radio
Here's the full interview with the South Florida Based Group Rhema Soul. They've got a new project coming out March 30th called Fingerprints, and are about to go on the Haiti Revive Tour in an effort to raise funds for the Haitian Earthquake Victims. [Read More...]