BLOG | A Decade of Refinement

Ten years ago, I boarded a plane with only $100 in my pocket and two suitcases that housed all of my belongings. I left everything and everyone I had ever known. All this to start a new life in South Florida. I found myself at a crossroad, in a place I never once imagined I would ever be. I was broken. The decision to leave home was somewhat bitter sweet. I was consumed with fear because of the unknown. Questions flooded my mind regarding food, money, work, etc. But a peace would rapidly come right behind the fear and bring this calm within my spirit. I was excited to truly see God work; and oh, how He did. The refining process was so severe that it would, at times, physically hurt. I had to let go of this “me” mentality and grasp this “God” mentality. I was learning faith. It wasn’t long before I began to see God’s hand on my life. It was so overwhelming that words were never good enough. I laid it all down for Him. I gave Him my desires, my dreams, my aspirations, and trusted that in due time He would give them back to me. In the past ten years, God has fulfilled all his promises and then some. He’s taken me so much further than I could have ever imagined when I boarded that plane a decade before.

What I’ve learned in this process is that things will take as long as they need to. There will be times when we feel like giving up. We will ask ourselves if it’s really worth it. Why am I even doing this? The trials and struggles will feel endless. But when I arrived on the other side, I’ve always looked back and laughed at myself. Why did I worry? Was it the circumstance that I found myself in or was it the fear of what might happen? My victory began when I exercised obedience and boarded that plane. God honors obedience. (1 Samuel 15:22-23)

I’ve recently entered a new season in my life, in my ministry, and in my personal relationship with God. Again, I’ve been asked to step out in faith, this time for Him to fulfill my dreams. I’m learning to embrace the hard times that will come with this process. (James 1:2-4) 

If we truly want to see God, want to know who He is, then it’s in the trials where we will see who He truly is. Our faith will be tested but the fulfillment of his promises and seeing our dreams come to pass will make it worth it. When I step onto a stage and know that I’m a better person than I was before, I welcome the refining process. (Isaiah 48:10)

-- Ms. Butta

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