BLOG | Gem

Sometimes life sucks. Sometimes your car breaks down, the kids get sick, your dryer stops working. Sometimes you face an obstacle at every turn and you begin to wonder. You wonder aloud how you got here, how it all began to crumble. You make some coffee, sit on the couch, and grind your teeth. The house is silent and you're alone with your thoughts. You pick up a book and thumb through the pages, hoping that in the novel you're currently reading there might be a gem that will provide some answers. When it does'nt, you throw the paperback across the room and take a deep, frustrated breath. Your life flashes before you like a film reel, giving you an intimate glimpse into details and decisions you've made over the years. The good ones as well as the bad. Then you hear a still, small voice. A voice as quiet as the breeze yet as strong as a rushing wind. And the voice says, “Worship your way to victory.” Then, stunned, you take a sip of your coffee and take a deep, courageous breath. And you go. And your worship propells you.


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