BLOG | Make an Appearance

Daps, pounds, high fives, and secret hand shakes are all gestures of friendship. Growing up in a small family (me, my mom, and my sister), I always considered friends to be family and have been blessed through the years to have had good com padres. Relationships are one of the most central themes in life. People always tend to pop up when times are great, friends stay when times are bad. Like in Job 2:13, his (Job's) friends quickly come to share in his suffering, as he is in a season of spiritual and physical weakness. The best part is that they maintain a comforting silence and patience as they allow seven days and nights to pass without so much as a word. Friendships are like opportunities. Sometimes the easiest and most effective thing you can do to maximize them is to simply SHOW UP.

-- K-Nuff (@itsknuff)

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