(Photo: Derek Minor, K-Nuff, juanlove, Butta P, Thi’sl,...

(Photo: Derek Minor, K-Nuff, juanlove, Butta P, Thi’sl, Anthony Rose)

We had a chance to hit up the Unashamed Tour in Miami, FL this weekend. We had a great time. Thanks to our homie Thi’sl who invited us out as his guests. We got a lot of love from the Reach family. It was an honor to go out and support, see them, & congratulate them on all their success. We are very proud of the 116 movement. It’s exciting to see the impact it’s having on our generation and hopefully the ones to follow. We got a chance to hang out and grab some food with the fellas. It was definitely a good time of just getting to know each other. Andy Mineo and juanlove looking like two hipsters, skateboarding through the streets of Miami. I love to see artists get together and just show love beyond the music. It definitely was an encouraging night for us. We gotta continue to support each other. So if the Unashamed Tour is coming to a city near you, go. You’ll get your faces melted. Plus Trip Lee & KB drop some word for ya. Shout out to Derek Minor and his $108 churasco steak dinner! (We joke, he didn’t pay that much.)

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