Verified Heatseeker


If you never heard of this crew you need to get familiar with them…ASAP! Rhema Soul is based out of South Florida and consists of (in order of album cover) JuanLove, Butta P and K-Nuff.  The album FingerPrints captures the essence of the Miami street sound made popular by such acts as PitBull and DJ Khaled. At the same time, each emcee is lyrically holding their own delivering messages of triumph, failure and their hope in Christ. Plus they’re having fun too!  In my humble opinion, Fingerprints is one of the best albums to drop this year, if not the best so far. About eighty-five percent of the songs on this album could easily fit into rotation on any mainstream radio programming, a feat seldom accomplished by Christian Hip Hop artists. In the realm of Christian Hip Hop, Rhema Soul are the underdogs in the game but it can’t be denied that they released the dopest album on the streets right now. With this album, Rhema Soul will definitely leave their “Fingerprints” on the industry and listeners across the world.

All right, let me move on. The production was handled by G-Styles (Production Credits) – he killed the production on every track and overall the project is sonically appealing. This is the album I go for when it’s sunny outside and I want to ride with my windows down (Shout out to Thi’sl). My wife looks at me like I’m crazy every time we get in the car. She’s like “You playing that again?” And I’m like “Yep!!” My personal favorite from the album is “Champion”. This song is about overcoming against all odds. It’s very inspiring and bangs hard in the speakers. Other favorites: “Neva Lay Low”, “Let Me Live”, “Sky’s Not The Limit”, “Spotlight”, “Boom Box” – basically the entire album! I think I was supposed to give you fifteen reasons why you needed this album and those fifteen reasons are spelled out on each track of Fingerprints. Trust me! You won’t be disappointed – Rhema Soul has what it takes! Now, go pick up a physical copy of the album here or get a digital download on iTunes or AmazonMp3.

- The Deacon