Review - Rhema Soul 'Fingerprints'
Rhema Soul’s Fingerprints is pure, unadulterated “beast mode.” I could end the review right there, but I know you want to know why I think that. Let me put it this way. You know your album is hot when the album that came before ('Worn Soles') was awesome, but this release makes that release look like it will be an embarrassment to look back on. Fingerprints is a masterpiece in the truest sense of the word. Everything that worked on Worn Soles and the 'Dope Beats, Good News' EP has been ratcheted up several notches, creating a crisp, tight sound, complemented by exemplary and clever wordplay on the part of the talent trio.
Rhema Soul - Fingerprints
Rhema Soul is a small but successful group out of South Florida. Fingerprints is their first official national release but they have two other albums, “Dope Beats and Good News” released in 2008 and “Worn Soles’ released in 2007, both were well received by critics. This album is good enough to inspire listeners to look up the earlier two releases as Rhema Soul is a breath of fresh air in a frequently stale market place. It is thoroughly creative and a perfect union of Christian Rap and Soul music. - Rhema Soul Asking For Blind Trust?
A recent rant on Rhema Soul's Twitter account has, in fact, led to some interesting discussion on the topic of art and the mind of the consumer. What the group released was a slew of Twitter posts which gave a glimpse into an experiment being carried out. The rundown is this: Rhema Soul is releasing an album entitled Fingerprints on March 30, 2010 and has, as of a week ago, begun taking pre-orders for the highly anticipated project. There are three packages altogether. The third, aptly titled the Double Deluxe Package, includes several items as well as a mysterious graphic tee (Also, if you purchase the last package you are entered into a drawing to win a Rhema Soul custom skateboard deck).
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INTERVIEW: Rhema Soul Leaving Fingerprints
Let me be blunt. Hip-Hop needs Rhema Soul like The Black Eyed Peas needed Fergie. With that comparison being made, some groups as we know them transform through time as members are punched in and exed out. The difference with Rhema Soul is that the transformation lies within them, not around them. Indeed, a blessing from God to claim CHH/HHH as their post to minister the Gospel but definitely not the last stop on their journey.
REVIEW: Rhema Soul "Fingerprints"
The human fingerprint is the most uniquely identifying characteristic that the Lord created us with. Anywhere from crime scenes to banks or DMV’s, the fingerprint is used to confirm that a person is truly who they present themselves to be. Contrary to what many sci-fi films portray, no one can replicate another’s set of fingerprints (read: style). Rhema Soul is a true example of having a style all their own, as is evident on their junior release, Fingerprints. [Read More...]