Video Interview - Rhema Soul Fingerprints
Rhema Soul is about to release an amazing album "Fingerprints" March 30th 2010, get to hear what they have to say about it. Sorry it's not longer Lecrae interrupted the interview when he saw G-Styles. We'll have a full interview coming ... [Read More...]
Full Interview w/ Rhema Soul
Here's the full interview with the South Florida Based Group Rhema Soul. They've got a new project coming out March 30th called Fingerprints, and are about to go on the Haiti Revive Tour in an effort to raise funds for the Haitian Earthquake Victims. [Read More...]
FUSE TV picks Rhema Soul's Music Video for Airplay
Rhema Soul is this month's Fuse TV Unsigned Artist of the Month. Rhema Soul's STEEZ music video will be available on FUSE TV On Demand. Steez is the debut single from their current release, Dope Beats & Good News. This album has been garnering the attention of many media outlets and has created a widespread buzz for the group. Other media outlets currently airing the video is Gospel Music Channel and JCTV.

The group will be appearing live at the GMA's this year at several showcases so be sure to check their tour schedule for more information. So make sure to go onto you digital box and look for FUSE Music video Channel and watch the video On Demand.

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REVIEW: Dope Beats and Good News
Many a label or artist has made a claim to have the “juice” to “change the game” but Good City Music is offering cold water for free. How fitting is it for an EP like Dope Beats and Good News to come out on such a perfectly named imprint? Butta P, K- Nuff, and Juanlove form the eclectic, engaging group known as Rhema Soul, which thrives on the waves of a revolutionary radio sound. After spending a good amount of time bringing good news to several far countries, earning experience and worn soles, RS returns with fresh steez.
Rhema Soul With DJ Chakra and DJ Zero-Z
Here in Broward County, three talented lyricists, Juanlove, K-Nuff, and Butta P, who perform collectively as Rhema Soul, are making a name for themselves with their latest digital download EP, Dope Beats And Good News, which is one of the more creative releases to come out of South Florida all year.